Principal’s Message

The child is the most precious and valuable gift for our lives. All our aims, purposes, choices, decisions' change as we become parents. The focus and center of our lives change completely, being sensitive to this fact. We have created our environment in such a way that our child deserves for best on that you can trust, that expresses your love and our care and concern.

"The new source of power is not money in the hands of a few, but the information in hands of many." This is the mantra for the today's world. No one can deny the impact of information and communication technology on our lives and particularly in shaping our outlook.

School can neither operate in isolation nor detach themselves from the effect of new onslaught. A good school therefore needs to have a system that flexes itself to absorb the changes and reaps the rich benefits of the harvest. At the same time, it should also adopt measures to ensure that a healthy environment is created where individual creativity and originality of expression is allowed to blossom, where culture, tradition and values our preserved and perpetuated of where change is synergized to nurture wholesome, complete and holistic personalities. We need to like the trees that grow on the hill top taking on its stride whatever changes the winds brings with them. It has no choice for its survival but to put down its roots deeper and deeper into the soil and stands lofty looking at the sun.

With this vision, we prepare our students so that they can fetch the wagon of our country to new horizon in the coming year.

With sincere and warm regards

Mrs. Swarnaka Khurana